Child Abuse

Being charge in child abuse case can be challenging particularly if it requires the statement of a child. Mix with the media’s negative representation of child abuse offenders and it may seem difficult to get over the cruel facts of a child abuse claims.

If you are faced with child abuse case – whether emotional, physical, or sexual – a lawyer can formulate a solid defense technique and help cast uncertainty on the prosecutor’s claim. Similar to other crimes, an individual faced with child abuse has the identical rights as defendants of other offences, which includes the right to defend themselves against a criminal case.

While child abuse laws purpose is to protect the children, the justice system is established to vindicate those people who are wrongfully charged.

What Comprises Child Abuse?

Child abuse is described as any situation that puts a child’s psychological and/or health and development in risk. The abuse can be anything from emotional or physical abuse to neglects and specially sexual abuse.

Physical child abuse is anything that results non-accidental injury to a child, such as: kicking, shaking, hitting, burning and any different kind of physical harm

Emotional abuse takes place when the abuser displays a conduct or attitude that will hinder the social development or mental health of a child. This can include: vulgar language (whether it’s aimed towards a child or not), yelling or shouting at a child, name calling, making fun of, shaming a child

Sexual abuse means any sexual act occurring between an adult and a child. Including: exhibitionism, sexual videos, pictures or games; forced to watch a sexual acts or any other lewd conduct

Neglect takes place when the caretaker does not provide a child with the proper items for physical needs or personal development. Including: improper supervision and direction, unsafe home, inadequate medical care food or clothing and poor hygiene