Personal Injury accident list

Personal Injury Claim Causes

Personal injury law is a broad area of law that covers many different causes of action. At Steven P. Roberts Personal Injury Lawyers, we assist our Clovis clients with all types of personal injury claims. Some of our clients’ personal injury claims have arisen from a number of different causes, including but not limited to: […]


Todays world of personal injury

When a victim suffers a personal injury due to the actions of negligence of another, it often happens unexpectedly and quickly. A personal injury incident can be devastating for a victim and the victim’s family and it can completely disrupt the victim’s life. The victim’s injuries can be serious, requiring a lot of medical treatment, […]

San Diego DUI Lawyers

  San Diego DUI Lawyers is a prestigious DUI firm located in the heart of San Diego. It is a firm that specializes in DUI Defense and offers exclusive DUI defense. DUIs are some of the most common events that happen in San Diego,  and on any given day you can walk into any of […]