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San Diego DUI Lawyers


San Diego DUI Lawyers is a prestigious DUI firm located in the heart of San Diego. It is a firm that specializes in DUI Defense and offers exclusive DUI defense. DUIs are some of the most common events that happen in San Diego,  and on any given day you can walk into any of the four courthouses in San Diego and see that there are literally hundreds of DUIs being processed by the system. San Diego DUI Lawyers takes take a different approach to defending DUIs.  Most of these cases will not even be reviewed, but instead just glanced at and the client is told that they need to take the first offer that is presented to them.

At San Diego DUI Lawyers, they are trial lawyers at heart and are not afraid to say no to the prosecution and to make the prosecution prove their burden in front of a judge and a jury. DUI cases are very scientific and require a lot of expertise in the area. Only an expert can tell you exactly what your BAC would have been on that day, how much you drank and how strong the prosecution’s evidence actually is. San Diego DUI Lawyers prides themselves in answering the hardest DUI questions for their clients and work the hardest to be ahead of the game.

Defenses to DUIs

When someone gets a DUI in San Diego it can be very stressful and at San Diego DUI Lawyers we understand that. There are always defenses to DUIs including whether or not there was probable cause to pull someone over, rising alcohol defenses and attacking the police procedures and the police reports. There is no reason why someone should ever give up on a DUI, it is your life on the line and your life is very important.

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