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San Bernardino Named the Fourth Most Dangerous City in California

Recent reports have been talking about San Bernardino as the most dangerous city in California so we did our research to see whether or not that was true. San Bernardino is a city that is north of San Diego and south-east of San Francisco. It has a population of about 200,000 people. We saw an article stating that it was the most dangerous city in California but we wondered if that could be reliable or not. When we looked further into it, the article cited unemployment rate and other factors, we are guessing just to be unique or maybe to tarnish the reputation of San Bernardino. We looked through different articles and different facts to see if we could find any criminal attorneys that owned law firms who reported on these issues. We found Alex Ozols, from San Diego, California who seemed to put together a much more accurate report. In his article he talks about the most dangerous cities in California. After what we read about San Bernardino we wanted to see if it was the same in Mr. Ozols’ report. Mr. Ozols had San Bernardino at #4 on the list much lower than on some other lists and what he said made perfect sense.

The article looks strictly to crime statistics and nothing else. The only other small factors that were considered were any red flags in the police department like any type of corruption. San Bernardino was actually quite lower in statistics for violent crime and for property crime then its competitors. The article has Oakland as #1, then Compton, Stockton, San Bernardino and then Sacramento and when you look into their findings it makes sense why this is the case. On a per capita basis, these are the cities over 100,000 people that you would have the most likelihood to have a property crime and a violent crime against you. Looking at it statistically Oakland would be a 1 in 16 chance of having a property crime against someone whereas San Bernardino had a 1 in 23 chance. Oakland was also doubled when looking at the violent crime rate. Overall the article cleared up the distinction in the media lately and helped us better understand which cities are the most dangerous.

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