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Highly Awarded Alex Ozol Top Criminal Lawyer In San Diego

Ozols Law Firm’s owner Alex Ozols has received almost every prestigious award that one can imagine. Some highlights of the list include, Top 100 Trial Lawyers in America, Top 40 Under 40 in California, Top 10 Attorneys in California, Super Lawyers, Best of the Bar Award, Emerging Generation Award and so many more. These are third parties that verify this information by going through several rounds of applications, interviews and generally a final review by a board of directors. If you are talking to an attorney who does not have this third party validation then you may want to wonder why this is and talk to an attorney who is clearly more qualified.

Legal Analyst in San Diego

When you want legal news about your community or about the US as a whole where do you go? Most people will go to the media. The media only trusts the best and brightest to give the news to their viewers. Alex Ozols, the owner of Ozol Law Firm is a trusted legal analyst for all the top news networks in the nation. Including but not limited to Fox News, Fox 5 San Diego, CBS, NBC, ABC, OANN and more.