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As a group of legal marketing professionals we are very familiar with the legal industry and we are constantly searching the Internet for lawyers and searching for the best lawyers in the country. Most people have used a lawyer at some point in their life and these days it is so easy to just do a Google search and find one immediately. But when you do that, are you really finding the best lawyers & attorneys? If someone does a PPC ad at the top of Google, does that mean they are the most qualified? The answer is no.

After looking through multiple lawyer websites, we realized that some of these sites didn’t even have a picture of a lawyer on the site. There was no information about an actual person, it seemed like it was just a way to get people in the door and then it was a group that just passed these cases around to each other without anyone actually giving you the direct attention you deserve.

Search All In One works with the Vik Monder the top San Diego Personal Injury Attorney. Our lawyers offer free consultations and are ready to help you in this time of need. We look forward to hearing from you.

Search All in One is a reputable website that actually looks at real results from lawyers. We take nothing at face value and we do our own investigations. Our vetting process is the most extreme over any legal organization. For us, no one can buy their way in, no matter what they offer us.

First, our team of investigators looks into the reviews of each lawyer that is a candidate. We make sure the reviews are actual real reviews from clients and we sometimes even reach out to those clients to verify them and get the bigger picture of how that lawyer treated them. Next we look into awards. Of course some awards can be bought but with years in the legal industry we know which ones are legitimate.

We consider their history as a lawyer, we look to see if they have any disciplinary actions and we also look at their social media presence to see if they are active in the community. Lastly and most importantly we look at actual verified court documents to make sure these lawyers are real trial lawyers. We have encountered too many shady lawyers that have told us about their trial experience but could not verify it with documents.

For a criminal lawyer we require 3 Not Guilty verdicts on all counts within the past three years. We also require 2 successful search and seizure motions that have been granted resulting in a dismissal.

For personal injury lawyers we require proof of 3 cases that have gone to trial in the last 5 years resulting in verdict for that lawyer and we also require 2 motions for summary judgment ruled in favor of that attorney. We get the ACTUAL court documents so we can tell you that this person is in fact a real trial lawyer.

It is so important to chose the best, trust search all in one to find the best lawyer in your area.

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We do the studies so you don’t need to speculate in choosing legal counsel. Our legal referral service will allow you to find the right lawyer for your unique case.

Criminal Lawyer

Alex Ozols is our Featured Best San Diego Criminal Lawyer who has an impeccable case history. We value his experience and work ethic. If you are looking to find San Diego’s top rated criminal defense attorney.

Low Cost

When you are looking around for legal services, always ask the lawyer to completely describe their fees and billing. Make sure you ask in depth questions.

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Here comes the time nearly every person’s life needs the service of a lawyer. To aid in this process, we instantly submit your legal issue to licensed, pre-screened legal professionals locally.

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Find out more details on many different practice areas within the law and many resources for criminal law visit . Teaching yourself in this area should be part of the legal process.

Construction Accident

If you were injured/wounded on a construction site, it’s crucial that you make contact with a construction accident attorney to assist with your accident compensation claim.

Child Abuse

If you are faced with child abuse case - whether emotional, physical, or sexual - a lawyer can formulate a solid defense.


A considerable number of convictions entered daily in America involve fraud.

Personal Injury

Personal injury is the term used to explain both mental and physical injuries that happen due to deliberate actions, another person’s negligence, or strict liability.

Car Accident

A lot of people think that it cost tons of money to be represented by a lawyer. Securing the help of a lawyer after a car accident is the most effective way to defend your rights.

Sex Crimes

Sex crime defense lawyers who don't have seasoned knowledge in representing clients charged with sexual offenses may not know how crucial it is to build an aggressive defense.

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Go ahead and get in touch with us on any questions and one of our legal staff will get back to you at the earliest opportunity, we are here to give you legal help !  If you are in the San Diego location and need criminal law advice find one of the best San Diego Criminal Attorney  here. 

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The construction sector is full of dangers for workers and passersby. Each contractor must have an injury prevention program in respect to law. Steven Roberts is one of the top So Cal personal Injury attorneys-www.stevenproberts.com Are you searching for the top Injury Lawyer in San Diego, then visit https://www.findlegaladvice.org. Here at search all in one law we pride ourselves on helping our communities find the right legal match. When your freedom is at risk you don’t have time to work with a sub par injury attorney.


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    San Bernardino Named the Fourth Most Dangerous City in California

    Recent reports have been talking about San Bernardino as the most dangerous city in California ...

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    San Bernardino Named the Fourth Most Dangerous City in California

    Recent reports have been talking about San Bernardino as the most dangerous city in California so we did our research to see whether or not that was true. San Bernardino is a city that is north of San Diego and south-east of San Francisco. It has a population of about 200,000 people. We saw an article stating that it was the most dangerous city in California but we wondered if that could be reliable or not. When we looked further into it, the article cited unemployment rate and other factors, we are guessing just to be unique or maybe to tarnish the reputation of San Bernardino. We looked through different articles and different facts to see if we could find any criminal attorneys that owned law firms who reported on these issues. We found Alex Ozols, from San Diego, California who seemed to put together a much more accurate report. In his article he talks about the most dangerous cities in California. After what we read about San Bernardino we wanted to see if it was the same in Mr. Ozols’ report. Mr. Ozols had San Bernardino at #4 on the list much lower than on some other lists and what he said made perfect sense.

    The article looks strictly to crime statistics and nothing else. The only other small factors that were considered were any red flags in the police department like any type of corruption. San Bernardino was actually quite lower in statistics for violent crime and for property crime then its competitors. The article has Oakland as #1, then Compton, Stockton, San Bernardino and then Sacramento and when you look into their findings it makes sense why this is the case. On a per capita basis, these are the cities over 100,000 people that you would have the most likelihood to have a property crime and a violent crime against you. Looking at it statistically Oakland would be a 1 in 16 chance of having a property crime against someone whereas San Bernardino had a 1 in 23 chance. Oakland was also doubled when looking at the violent crime rate. Overall the article cleared up the distinction in the media lately and helped us better understand which cities are the most dangerous.


    There are outstanding lawyers who practice ‘criminal law’, working in both public and private sectors in West Covina. There are a lot of benefits in hiring a private West Covina criminal lawyer. Every individual has the right to represent themselves. However, the nature of a criminal charge is so complicated that hiring an attorney is a good move. Immediately after an individual is accused of a certain crime, a private criminal defense lawyer can aggressively represent him/her and protect his/her privileges and rights. A private criminal defense lawyer has more time to do great work for his client. A private legal practitioner has a lot of resources at his disposal and the ability to be more client-responsive, giving high level of attention to your criminal case.